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Beverage Cases

Not many consumers like WARM BEER or HOT Coke. That is why Fridge Solutions carries a complete line of Refrigerated Beverage Coolers! Our Spot Coolers for beverages are one of the highest profit centers in a grocery store. Fridge Solutions has end of aisle Refrigerated Beverage Coolers; Coolers that can be hung from your wall or gondola shelving. Our EAM3CL is a Refrigerated cooler that has 3 swing doors and sits at the checkout counter to service two adjacent checkouts. The EAM3CL can hold 200 - 16oz bottles and is ONLY 55” in height and sits on rollers. That’s a lot of profit in one small Refrigerated Beverage cooler! All of Fridge Solutions Cubic Footage for it's coolers is for INSIDE cubic footage, NOT the outside cubic footage for it's coolers like it's competition. What does that mean to you? Our cases hold MORE products and with less labor to fill the case. Our 25 cubic foot case holds 336 - 16oz bottles, our 40 cubic foot case holds 672 - 16oz bottles, our 50 cubic foot case holds 840 - 16oz bottles and our 75 cubic foot case holds 1260 - 16oz (pack-out) bottles. Fridge Solutions has Refrigerated cases with all sizes of doors and with the longest line-ups. Fridge Solutions has Walk-in Coolers and Freezers and we have them any size with reach-in doors.



Sliding Glass Door Reach-In Coolers
Self-contained multi-use holding reach-in cooler. Remote cases and custom sizes are available. Standard color: White. Standard with 3 rows of adjustable, flat epoxy coated white wire shelves for durability and cleanliness.
Glass Swing Door Reach-In Coolers
Self-contained multi-use holding reach-in cooler. Remote cases and many different sizes are available. Standard color: White. Standard with 3 rows of adjustable, flat epoxy coated white wire shelves for durability and cleanliness.

Swing Glass Door Beverage Coolers
Self-contained multi-use holding reach-in cooler. Horizontal interior lighting. Standard color: White. All coolers are bottom mount. Packout based on optional divided wire shelves. Standard flat wire shelves will hold more. Engineered refrigeration system for optimum performance vs. energy consumption.


  Self-contained multi-use holding reach-in cooler. These are various sized low profile merchandisers which are designed to hang on shelving or sit on base shelves or the floor. They are flexible enough to be able to fit into island shelving merchandisers, end of an aisle, checkout counters, in the general sales area, or where space is a premium.

Specialty Cheese Display Case
Three decks for all your beverages!. Self-contained refrigeration and mobile! Birch front exterior, clear plexiglass insert in ends, front plexiglass product stop and 1/2 HP compressor.
Open Vertical Self Service Merchandiser
Self-service merchandiser for Beverages. Open front self-service merchandiser fits many needs and locations. Fluorescent lighting in superstructure and bottom shelf. Forced air cooling, bottom mount. Standard color: White.

Aisle Mate
CFC foamed in place insulation. Copper and aluminum coil. One piece vertical end frames. Lighted display sign and high efficiency T-8 lighting. Maintains 35-38 degrees. Hinged kickplate for easy access to locking wheels.


Bakery/Meat/Deli/Cheese Display Cases
Maximum capacity in a singe deck. Heavy duty caster system allows you to locate your display where you need it and easily move it when you need to. Painted steel or stainless steel exterior finishes.

Self-Serve Open Vertical Impulse Coolers
A wide assortment of dairy/deli products can be stocked side by side in this versatile unit. There is generous display space for all your products and specialty items that today's consumers need.
Meat and Cheese Mobile Case
Self-contained refrigeration; 1/2 HP compressor. Two painted adjustable wire racks. Clear thermapane glass in ends. Front sneeze guard 1/2" thermapane glass. Finish as per request!

Pass-Thru and End Aisle Coolers
The specialty coolers below typically target impulse purchases at both point of sale and in the general sales area. Coolers range from end aisle merchandisers to island type to coolers that stand or hang from wall type or gondola shelving in the general sales area. Special sizes available!
Two Deck Dairy/Bakery/Deli Case
Painted, formica or solid wood exterior with solid wood cart bumper with "T" molding. CFC free foamed in place insulation. Adjustable wire racks with air deflectors. Complete with adjustable base - height.

Self-Contained Step/Walk-In Coolers and Freezers
Self-contained step/walk-in coolers & freezers. No condensate disposal - drain required on conventional systems. All models include floor panels. Each unit complete with 30" solid swing door, dial thermometer, incandescent light fixture, and switch.