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Sandwich and Salad Refrigeration: Coolers and Freezers for Sandwiches and Salads, Display Cases, Sandwich and Salad MerchandisersSandwiches, Salads & Sushi

Salads make up 40% of all lunches consumed in the US today. Now is the time to start getting some of those profits!

Take a look at our unique Refrigerated OOC case. It's a high quality, attention grabber with it's wood construction and canopy, and it's sure to add profit to your bottom line. Our quality OMB cases are perfect for your sandwiches and for sushi, our OCM and OMD cases are sure profit makers.


Specialty Cheese Display Case
Three decks for sandwiches, salads and sushi. Refrigerated and mobile! Self-contained refrigeration, birch front exterior, clear plexiglass insert in ends, front plexiglass product stop and 1/2 HP compressor.
Two Deck Dairy/Bakery/Deli Case
Painted, formica or solid wood exterior with solid wood cart bumper with "T" molding. CFC free foamed in place insulation. Adjustable wire racks with air deflectors. Complete with adjustable base - height.

Bakery/Meat/Deli/Cheese Display Cases
Maximum capacity in a singe deck. Heavy duty caster system allows you to locate your display where you need it and easily move it when you need to. Painted steel or stainless steel exterior finishes.
Self-Serve Open Vertical Impulse Coolers
A wide assortment of dairy/deli products can be stocked side by side in this versatile unit. There is generous display space for all the cold meats, cheeses, dairy products and specialty items that today's consumers need.

Slimline Modern Curved/Straight Glass Service Case
Service merchandiser for deli, cheese, & pastry, salad display. Gravity top and bottom coils, pressure control, time clock, interior lighting. Remote cases with TX valves(optional). All cases with 2 rows of glass shelves and white metal deck pans.
Straight Glass Pastry Display Cases
Straight angled glass pastry display cooler with glass ends, rear thermal pane sliding doors, 2 rows of wire shelves, and interior fluorescent light. Refrigerated models with top gravity coil. Special lengths are also available as a custom fabrication.

European Curved Glass Service Cases
Service merchandiser for pastry, deli, cheese, salad, sandwiches, and hot food display. Curved front glass hinged on the bottom, single pane and tempered. Standard Finish: White laminate over plywood cabinet. Most other finishes at no extra charge (please consult us).
Meat and Cheese Mobile Case
Self-contained refrigeration; 1/2 HP compressor. Two painted adjustable wire racks. Clear thermapane glass in ends. Front sneeze guard 1/2" thermapane glass. Finish as per request!

Self-Contained Step/Walk-In Coolers and Freezers
Self-contained step/walk-in coolers & freezers. No condensate disposal - drain required on conventional systems. All models include floor panels. Each unit complete with 30" solid swing door, dial thermometer, incandescent light fixture, and switch.
Olive & Salad Cart
The Olive & Salad Cart is another quality custom temperature controlled product to meet the needs of all fine food retailers. From the local "favorite" restaurant to the largest grocery retailer, the Olive & Salad Cart will display a fresh, colorful and inviting product for your customer.

Aisle Mate
CFC foamed in place insulation. Copper and aluminum coil. One piece vertical end frames. Lighted display sign and high efficiency T-8 lighting. Maintains 35-38 degrees. Hinged kickplate for easy access to locking wheels.
Open Vertical Self Service Merchandiser
Self-service merchandiser for Deli, Dairy, Produce & Beverages. Open front self-service merchandiser fits many needs and locations. Fluorescent lighting in superstructure and bottom shelf. Forced air cooling, bottom mount. Standard color: White.