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Specialty Cheese Display Case


Model # Length Height Width HP Price
OMHC36 36" 48" 25-1/2" 1/2
OMHC48 48" 48" 25-1/2" 1/2
OMHC... Other Sizes Available Upon Request Call for Pricing


OMHC Specialty Cheese Supermarket Display Case Features
  • Three decks for cream cheeses and party dips. Refrigerated & mobile!
  • Self-contained refrigeration
  • Clear plexiglass insert in ends
  • Birch front exterior
  • One 12" and one 14" wire shelf
  • Front plexiglass product stop
  • Comes with 1/2 hp compressor (HP62)
  • Optional 3/4 hp unit (HP62)
  • Penn thermostat & pressure control

Terms, Conditions and Warranty Information

Don't see what you need? Many other sizes are available upon request. Give us a call!



Specialty Cheese Display Case Options


  • Painted or stainless steel exterior
  • 3" tag molding 1-1/4" high
  • Stainless steel, matte black formica or painted ends.
  • 12" and 14" solid painted shelves
  • 3' lightrod for solid shelves
  • Plexiglass shelf product stop, 2" high

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