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Reach-In Cooler & Freezer Accessories

Popular Accessories

Back Bar & Under Counter Cooler

Part No. Description Price
232-0082 Dial Thermometer
DEI-T Digital Thermometer
252-0349 Flat Wire Shelves R-25/40
252-0348 Flat Wire Shelves R-50/75
MISC. Divided Wire Shelves  
MISC. Top Lighted Sign - R-25
MISC. Top Lighted Sign - R-40/50
MISC. Top Lighted Sign - R-75
MISC. Int. Lighted Sign - R-25
MISC. Int. Lighted Sign - R40/50/75
425-0069 2' Light for 3' Case Shelves
425-0055 3' Light for 4' Case Shelves
N/A S/S Solid Door Exterior  
MISC. Door Lock
MISC. Promolux Bulb - 3' or 4'
N/A S/S Floor - R-25
N/A S/S Floor - R-40/50
N/A S/S Floor - R-75
N/A S/S Exterior - R-25
N/A S/S Exterior - R-40/50
N/A S/S Exterior - R-75
N/A S/S Interior - R-25
N/A S/S Interior - R-40/50
N/A S/S Interior - R-75
MISC. Solid Case Shelves 3'
MISC. Solid Case Shelves 4'
MISC. Galvanized Tray Slide
MISC. S/S Tray Slide
MT-1 Micro-Thermo Temp. Alarm
DEI-A Digital Temperature Alarm
Add Suffix
to Part #
WT on GBB Wood Top
STD on GBB Back-Splash on Stainless Top
R Remote Refridge. - Deduction
SS Stainless Steel In & Out
SW Stainless Steel In & White Out
WS Stainless Steel Out & White In
SF Stainless Steel Exterior Face
DL Door Cylinder Locks
K on GUC Stainless Steel Kick-Plate
PT Pass-Through
GC Up-Charge for Glass Door
SL Up-Charge for Sliding G. Door
CA Add Casters

Hot Food Case Options

Drain in Hot Well
Drain Valve Manifold
Auto Fill

Floral Conversion

Change Reach-In for use with Flowers
Includes: Gravity Coil with specific controls,
2 rows shelves.
Please specify color: Black/White in and or out.
Add "FL" Suffix to model # when ordering.

Doors HP
1 Door Call
2 Door 1/3 Horsepower
3 Door 1/3 Horsepower

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