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Thermawall 3000 Insulated Roof & Wall Panel

Allowable Uniform Loads (PSF) For Multiple Span Condition
Skin GA. Thickness SPAN [FEET]
DEFL. 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10
1-9/16" 118.0 96.2 80.3 68.5 59.3 52.0 46.1 41.3 37.2 33.8 30.9 28.3 25.9
2-3/4" 128.8 107.0 91.1 79.2 70.0 62.6 56.5 51.5 47.3 43.7 40.5 37.0 33.5
L/240 4" 137.1 115.4 99.7 87.8 78.6 71.2 65.2 60.2 55.9 52.2 48.0 43.5 39.7
Important: Thermal load has not been considered. Consult for fastener patterns


Thermawall 3000Features

A unique pre-engineered exterior roof or wall panel, featuring a NON CFC factory foamed-in-place insulating core and a standing nested lap seam for excellent long term weather performance. Available in a a variety of finishes, gauges and panel thicknesses.

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  • Applications - Thermawall 3000 Series Panels were designed to offer the builder an engineered high performance composite panel to meet stringent metal roofing needs on commercial and industrial projects. The high profile ribs provide high strength and make greater spans possible. Factory pre-insulated panel design allows simple one component installation on new or retrofit applications.


  • Construction - Thermawall 3000 Series Panels are constructed with polyurethane "THERMOSET" insulation (Non-Melting) that meets the requirements specified in most building codes. Panel production is by the continuous-in-line method in a fully computerized controlled environment plant. The state of the art plant and equipment ensures uniform quality and consistency in every panel.


  • Insulation - Thermawall 3000 Series Panels with NON CFC foamed polyurethane insulation are offered in thicknesses ranging of 1 9/16", 2 3/4" & 4", providing insulation values of R-13 to R-32. The rigid insulating core is thermally fused to the inner and outer steel facings giving the panel superior structural performance.


  • Facings - Thermawall 3000 Series Panels have standard 26 gauge facings of smooth or stucco embossed galvanized steel to ASTM A653 G-90 designation. Base steel shall be structural quality to minimum Grade "A" 33,000 PSI, conforming to ASTM A924. Optional panel facings of galvalume, aluminum or stainless steel are available on request.


  • Coating Systems - Standard Panel finishes are imperial white siliconized polyester (Dept. of Agriculture recognized) with a total dry film thickness of 1.0 Mil including 0.2 Mil primer. Optional finishes include Kynar PVF; plasticol and polyester coatings in a range of stock and special order colors.


  • Panel Design - Thermawall 3000 Series Panel incorporates a standing nested lap seam at the joint. This proven joint design includes an anti-siphon groove to prevent ingress of water from rain. The five standing ribs on the panel face are aesthetically pleasing as well as serve an important strength characteristic allowing greater loads and spans over competitive products. Panel coverage is 38 7/8" (3.241) standard.

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