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Low Wide Produce Case

Model # Length Height Width Price
LPW8 8' 54" 53-1/2"
LPW12 12' 54" 53-1/2"
LPW... Other Sizes Available Upon Request Call for Pricing

LPW Low Wide Produce Case Features
  • Great for large displays of fresh produce
  • Inside and outside wedges available
  • McQue solid front bumper
  • Painted exterior panels
  • Stainless steel front cap
  • Adjustable wire rack
  • Over 43" of display space
  • CFC free foamed in place insulation
  • Large 2" pvc drain and trap
  • 900 btu/hr/ft @ 20°F

Terms, Conditions and Warranty Information

Don't see what you need? Many other sizes are available upon request. Give us a call!

Produce Case Options

  • Extended front retainer lip on rack
  • Clear plexiglass extender for wire rack lip
  • High efficiency fan motors
  • 3" tag molding on top sill
  • 3" case risers